Barilla Pasta

Northbrook, Illinois


  • Address 885 Sunset Ridge Road
    Northbrook, Illinois
  • Property Type CommercialSize 75,000 SF
  • Investor IRR14.38 MOIC3.09
  • Purchased5/13/2010 Sold2/1/2020

Formerly Nestlé’s Frozen Pizza Division

This vacant 75,000 SF furniture store was purchased by Ravine Park Partners LLC in May 2010. Within two months, the building was leased long-term to Nestlé USA, Inc.  Capital improvements were completed in December 2010 and included window and roof replacement, as well as a parking lot expansion.  Today, the property is occupied and serving as the national Headquarters for Barilla America, Inc.

Nestlé invested approximately $18,000,000 in to the interior of the building.  When Barilla took over the property, they spent an additional $4,000,000.