Barilla Pasta HQ

Northbrook, Illinois


  • Address 885 Sunset Ridge Road
    Northbrook, Illinois
  • Property Type CommercialSize 75,000 SF
  • Investor IRR14.38% MOIC3.09x
  • PurchasedMay 2010 SoldFebruary 2020

Formerly Nestlé’s Frozen Pizza Division

This vacant 75,000 SF furniture store was purchased by Ravine Park Partners LLC in May 2010. Within two months, the building was leased long-term to Nestlé USA, Inc.  Capital improvements were completed in December 2010 and included window and roof replacement, as well as a parking lot expansion.  Today, the property is occupied and serving as the national Headquarters for Barilla America, Inc.

Nestlé invested approximately $18,000,000 in to the interior of the building.  When Barilla took over the property, they spent an additional $4,000,000.

The property was sold to a private investor in February 2020.